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I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret: I used to be really, really, good at Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).

If you don’t know what DDR is, it’s this video game with arrows that flash on the screen, and it’s supposed to teach you how to “dance”. But really, it just makes you look like an elephant stepping on a pool of thumbtacks.

Whenever I played DDR, people would crowd around and gawk at me. I used to delude myself into thinking that they were admiring my fancy moves, but the truth is that they were probably laughing their asses off. Ah, childhood memories.

When it comes to money, most people are like me on a DDR machine. They think that they’re doing okay. Most are still hoping to “figure it out” someday.

The truth is, most young people suck at personal finance. The system slowly but surely screws them over, and before they know it, they’re 45, overweight, and downright broke with a monthly mortgage to pay and two screaming kids in tow. Woah, that’s depressing.

But you’re not going to fall into that trap.

After years of testing out different personal finance systems, I’ve managed to develop one that I’ve been following for the past couple of years. In this blog, I hope to teach you everything I know about personal finance and living a rich life.

Hi, my name is Lionel Yeo.

The first thing you should know about me is that I will definitely do the Wriggle whenever I hear LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”. Yes, even on a crowded subway.

The second thing you should know about me is that I am a personal finance geek.

Some people like sports. Some people like cars. I like developing personal finance systems. In college, I spent hours in the bookstore reading free personal finance books. I got a scholarship to study in London for a year, and never visited the London Eye because I was too busy reading academic finance journals. I get a kick out of optimizing my bank accounts. I spend my weekends tweaking Excel templates.

Of course, not everyone is as weird as I am. You, for example, probably have a life. That’s why I’ll do my best to make personal finance as fresh, simple and straightforward as possible for you.

My goal here is to help you to hatch a rich life. Hatch, because maybe you’re just starting out on your own personal finance journey. And by rich life, I mean it in every sense of the word – happy, healthy, wealthy, doing work that you love and kicking back with good friends over a beer.

Why is living a rich life so important?

Because too many of us care too much about money. Because too many of us spend too much time worrying and working for the man. And when that happens, we don’t let our other talents and passions shine through. And that, to me, is an awful waste of your awesomeness.

If this blog teaches you just one way to ease your financial life, I’d have succeeded. If my systems have managed to remove just a little bit of your anxiety about money, you can stop worrying and start living an awesome, rich life.

That’s how important personal finance is.

That’s how awesome you are to the world.

Here’s wishing you a long and rich life – one where you’ll have the freedom to be the person you should be, without limitations, without worries, and with the willingness to give back to the world.

Enjoy 🙂

Contact: If you’ve got any comments/suggestions on what I’ve written, leave a comment or drop me an email at cheerfulegg [at] gmail [dot] com. I read every one.


8 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. Lovely; that Wattles quote really summed up your point with this article. Love it. This truly is my idea of a “riches.” I wish for everyone to have it.

    God bless!


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