I love reading – it’s one of those hobbies that are ridiculously cheap, yet amazingly rewarding. Reading blogs and researching the internet can only get you so far – if you really want to delve deep into a subject, reading’s the only way to do it. People are always complaining that there’s never enough time to read – yet if you’re smart about it, you can always find pockets of time in your day: on your hour-long commute, during meals, before bed, etc. Here’s a list of books that I’ve found particularly useful/rewarding, in no particular order, which I’ll update as we go along:

Personal Effectiveness / Creativity

The 4-Hour Work WeekTimothy Ferris

Screw Work, Let’s PlayJohn Williams

BounceMatthew Syed

The Accidental CreativeTodd Henry

Influence: Science and PracticeRobert B. Cialdini

The Power of Full EngagementJim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

Personal Finance / Investing

I Will Teach You to Be RichRamit Sethi

A Gift to My ChildrenJim Rogers

Millionarie TeacherAndrew Hallam

The Little Book of Common Sense InvestingJohn C. Bogle

Stocks for the Long RunJeremy Siegel

Trading / Finance

Market Wizards / The New Market WizardsJack D. Schwager

Fooled By RandomnessNassim Nicholas Taleb

Practical SpeculationVictor Niederhoffer and Laurel Kenner

Trend FollowingMichael Covel


The Purpose Driven LifeRick Warren

Reading Devices

Amazon Kindle, as well as How to get/use one if you’re living in Singapore

6 thoughts on “Reads

  1. I read one called ‘Eat That Frog’ years ago (can’t remember the author) when I was in a job I hated – if the worse thing you have to do in your day is eat a frog you’d wanna get it out of the way first (or just go into hiding) – it was a great little book for making you tackle those phone calls you’re dreading, or the board report you’ve got writers block on, and just getting them out the way first thing in your day and preferably before your lunch break. It at least made the afternoons a little more bearable and dealt with a lot of my avoidance issues in life outside the office!

    • “Eat That Frog” is a must for anyone interested in personal effectiveness. It is a short book, with proven techniques. He doesn’t go into theory; but any reader can see that what he is writing about works. This book should be #1 on your list! 🙂


  2. Have you read “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein? A cool book written from a dogs (Enzo) perspective about the life of its owners their struggles and triumphs.

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