The Most Annoying Part of Starting a Blog: The Title

So I decided to start this blog like how I usually decide to do most things: on a lark. And I spent a good part of the past week trying to come up with an awesome title for it. I was still thinking about it and typing it down on my phone while getting my hair cut today (much to the annoyance of my barber).

The combinations I came up with: (some food blog not updated since 2009) (available but too Asian) (one of those one-post “Hello World!” entries) (deleted by the owner – seriously, why would you delete a blog with such an awesome name) (an artsy egg blog not updated since 2009) (Another one of those one-post “Hello World!” entries.. seriously, what is it with these guys!) (I actually really wanted this one, because I was almost killed by one. Shoutout to my friend Amber! But that’s another story… and yeah, it was already taken)

And finally.. this. Yes, you can tell I really like eggs. I like eggs cause they’re easy. And tasty. And they go with everything. And you can make them in all sorts of different styles. They’re fragile, easily cracked, and sometimes smelly. ¬†Sometimes, there might be a chick in them. Kind of like life, if you think about it. (Okay, I admit I stretched that analogy just a little bit)

But most importantly, I have ’em to start my day off. They’re my favoritest breakfast in the world. In Singapore, where I live, we have this breakfast dish comprising of two hardboiled eggs, toast, and coffee. The eggs are served runny on a small plate, with soya sauce and pepper. They kind of look like this:

I know, it looks kinda gross but it’s delicious as hell. Whenever I have it, it’s like I’m starting the day off on a positive (and tasty) note. And that’s really the whole point, because starting is the most important thing to do. I could spend weeks thinking about that perfect name for my blog, or I could start with my first post and see where that takes me.

And now I have.



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